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"Got myself the full '40 Plus BJJ Success' online access quite a few weeks ago. Such a great resource! I suggest hooking yourself up if you haven't already. I have an arse ton of instructional DVDs from many different sources. This is top shelf material.

It's not so much the actual techniques... it's the presentation and conceptual framework that defines what is and is not important. You can waste a lot of time going down the rabbit hole. Just do the simple shit better than the next guy. Thanks Stephen!" 

- Richard Peterson
40 Plus BJJ Success 
6 Vol. Course + Bonus Vol., 
"Isolation Drills" 
(DVD or Digital)
The Pillars of Jiu-Jitsu: Escapes
5 Vol. Course + Bonus Vol.
(DVD or Digital)
"I was just reviewing 'The Pillars of Guard Passing" by Stephen Whittier at 40 Plus BJJ and damn... it's almost like cheating.

All, this is a must view for we more aged fossils on of the mats. I've been able to put it to very good use. This conceptual approach:
1) Gives a very solid concept on how to use your body weight to engage someone of higher strength, younger age, and higher skill level.
2) Dramatically increases your mat IQ; it makes you pay attention to your angles, combined with your weight, and heighten your situational awareness.
3) Helps you relax when you roll and avoid burning your high octane fuel that you may need later.

- Brian Oravetz
The Pillars of Jiu-Jitsu: Building Your Ultimate Guard Game 
3 Vol. Course
The Pillars of Jiu-Jitsu: Guard Passing
5 Vol. Course 
(DVD or Digital)
I'm a black belt and this material by Coach Whittier made my guard retention so much better. The pummeling of the feet (feet "wing chun") is already frustrating people! I loved this material so much!
The Pillars of Jiu-Jitsu: Clinch & Takedowns 
6 Vol. Course
(DVD or Digital)
The Pillars of Jiu-Jitsu: Side Control Mastery
7 Vol. Course 
(DVD or Digital)
"I am 44 years old and I have been practicing BJJ since 2008. I am pretty passionate about bjj and I have bought MANY DVDs, books, and instructionals. Your DVD set is one of the best due to the emphasis on principles and concepts vs techniques (though there is plenty of proven technique as well). The DVDs have really changed my approach to training; I am focused much more on routes and general concepts and less on physical attributes. 

This is paying great dividends as I am much more competitive with the young guns at the gym and at tournaments. Thank you for creating a great series for us "senior" players."

-Marcelo Corpuz
High Performance Open Guard
3 Vol. Course
(DVD or Digital)
Invincibility Submission Defense 
3 Vol. Course 
"Well there are many tape sets available on BJJ with more coming out almost daily. Where Steve leads the field and makes this a must have DVD series, if that it’s specially designed for the mature student/working professional that loves BJJ. And the best thing is you don’t have to be a world champion to use the moves.

I have trained with Steve for many years, taking private lessons and hosting him for seminars at my school. He is simply one of the best instructors I have trained with Steve uses a simple teaching formula that will have you understanding the jits game in a short period of time. "

-Alan Condon
40 Plus BJJ Performance Academy - $1 Trial
New courses released monthly, massive video libraries, & more!
The Turtle Bottom Game Plan
2 Vol. Course 
"“I own the 40plus course and it is fantastic, my game has improved so much from watching and drilling techniques from that set it is ridiculous. 

I've trained with some top level guys and i rate Steve as the most technical instructor i have seen, and i have done seminars with Xande Ribeiro, Eddie Bravo, John Will, etc. I would buy anything he puts out.” 

 -James Guy 
Top Game Domination
3 Vol. Course
BJJ Street Defense, Volume 1
3 Vol. Course 
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