How BJJ Students Of All Levels From Around the World Have Learned To Even The Odds Against Younger, More Athletic Training Partners, Reduce Injuries, & Chop Their Learning Curve In Half!
Hint: It has nothing to do with "old man strength"... It's all about knowing the right  technical approach & training methods to keep you healthy and improving – regardless of your age!

      From: Stephen Whittier
       3rd degree BJJ Black Belt, Founder of 40 Plus BJJ Success
"If you've ever dreamed about keeping up with the younger, super-athletic "mat rats" in your school and super-charging your learning curve while taking less wear & tear on your body (or becoming a "Seniors Division" grappling machine in competition)... 

Then you're really going to love what I have to share with you here!"
Most of us have said or thought this at one point or another (It's the Jiu-Jitsu version of Danny Glover's famous quote from Lethal Weapon): "I'm gettin' too old for this S@$T!"  

Fact is, even when you work had to stay fit and in the game, things change once you get to be an “older” grappler…
  • You have more responsibilities than most of the young bucks you train with (and can’t always live on the mat like the guys in their teens and 20’s);
  • You take longer to recover from hard workouts and injuries; and
  • Unless you’re way ahead in experience and skill, you often feel like you play “second fiddle” to the younger, more athletic students in your school. 
And let’s face it, even though you love jiu-jitsu… it can be damned frustrating!

But what's the solution? "Old Man Strength?" No! Why would you want to rely on physical attributes that are bound to deteriorate over time?

And contrary to what you may have been told...
It's Not Just About "More Mat Time"
Although more time on the mat is always a huge part of the learning process in your Jiu-Jitsu game, it bums me out when people tell me that their instructor just says "keep training" – when they're getting smashed day in and day out!

Here's the problem... Anyone who says it's it's ALL about more mat time is implying that all mat time is equal. Not so!

Unless you're one of those "freak athletes" yourself, it will take you a long time to get proficient at BJJ if you train in the typical "learn a few techniques then roll" approach. To speed things up, you need to first ingrain the core principles that make the Jiu-Jitsu engine run!

And that's exactly why I created the 40 Plus BJJ program. 

And I'm happy to say, the response has been absolutely overwhelming...
Here Are Just A Few Of Many
40 Plus BJJ Success Stories...
"I was in my late 30’s when I started training and I’m over 40 now. In the back of my mind I was little nervous: would I end up with a battered body and bruised ego? Would I be able hang with a bunch of young guys?

Once I started training with Coach Steve I never had those worries again.... I’ve seen people from 6 to over 60 rolling and doing well at our school. What I’ve learned from Steve has allowed me to handle myself on the mat with competitors, whether they’re my age or athletic guys in their 20s – and win! His coaching put in me in a place to come out on top at competitions from regional tournaments like NAGA to winning the IBJJF No Gi Pan Ams, New York Open, Boston Open (including the Absolute division) and even second at the World's!" 

-John Murphy
Thanks professor Stephen, this stuff is gold! Your ideology and methodology for the aging Jiujitsu player is on point. It's keeping me on the mats relatively healthy. The young athletic punks are much more manageable with the awareness you have provided.
-Omar Rodriguez
Thank you for your grappling techniques and theory for older grapplers.  I am sixty-six and... recently competed in the “Big Apple Tournament” and came in second in the 40 plus blue belt lightweight division.  I greatly enjoy my BJJ training.  I roll with fellows of all ages and weight classes.  The training, and the games of older individuals, needs to be individualized to make the most progress.  Accordingly, the information you provide is very helpful.  Thank you again.
-Tom Corrie
Altough I am 35 years old,I am still one of the senior practitioners in the gym. I always had trouble keeping up with those younger guys. But not anymore.T he information you have been sharing has really been helpful. There is defiinitely an improvement in my game. So much so,that my coach is starting to think,that I am training somewhere else.
Thanks for sharing these concepts,Stephen.
They are much appreciated!
-Adrian M.
Just want to say I am loving your videos and tips! As a 40 year old Bjj player these have really helped me refocus and motivate me to change the way I think! Thanks :)
-Johnnie McIntyre
Always appreciate the time you take to put great free content out, Steve (I know it's great because I use the principles and techniques successfully in my own BJJ). I can say also as somebody who has purchased your longer instructionals in the past that they're always worth much more than the very reasonable price you charge. The knowledge you share, whether free or charged, is always appreciated!
-Lee Grimsditch
Now some will say that there’s nothing to it… that these guys must train like everyone else but just do it full-time or be some sort of genetic freaks.

And while I’ll agree that dedication and hard work are important – that’s NOT the whole story!

There IS a method to how I coach and help students of all ages to improve, especially the older students:
  • It is designed so that it doesn’t matter how strong, explosive, flexible, quick or agile you are.
  • It takes into consideration not just your body type and personal preferences, but also how you think as an individual on the mat.
  • It is as much about creating a strategy as it is about techniques.
  • It emphasizes training methods that develop the fundamentals – and by that I mean the aspects of the game that come before any technical series! 
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Here's A Taste Of What You'll Learn In This In-Depth Series...
  • The key defensive posture details that make the difference between “flat n’ smashed” and “survive n’ escape” (even advanced belts who know all the moves have changed their games overnight with just a adjustment to their elbow position on bottom) 
  • The secrets to “Frames 2.0”… how to slow down and frustrate your opponents using minimal effort even when you’re on bottom (the minute they try to improve their position you’ll already be on your way out!)
  • The “shotput” detail that will double the effectiveness of your underhook overnight!
  • Easily learn how to avoid being pancaked while going to your knees (these two methods alone will save you tons of wear and tear on your body!)
  • How to keep your opponents off-balance as they’re passing your guard -- or even if they have gained a top position -- with this the super-sneaky knee bump technique.
  • Break down even the big, strong guy’s mount position with the “Fan” Escape!
And That's Just The First Volume... How About Passing Guard?
  • Use the wickedly effective “hip roll” detail to cement your base and posture inside closed guard (your opponents will think you stuffed your hips with lead) – this one is worth the price of admission all by itself!
  • Discover how to shut down the young speed demons who constantly move their hips as you try to break open their guards. 
  • Learn the one-step secret weapon rubber guard defense that neutralizes the gumby guard-players before they can even get it started!
  • Revealed… the reasons why learning guard passing through step-by-step techniques is sabotage for your progress (and how to shortcut your game faster than you ever dreamed possible).
  • “Crack the code” of even the trickiest guard players in your school with one simple drill (develop this “guard pummel” and watch the “butt floppers” fear going to their backs!)
  • Learn my infamous “Magic Grip” for controlling your opponent’s legs and hips – and keeping yourself safe in his guard (it’s so easy and effective you’ll be kicking yourself you didn’t use it all along…) 
  • See how a “Pass to Mount” mentality (and skill set) will start making your training partners feel like they’re victims in a bad horror movie!
  • Discover the key details and tweaks to three “classic” guard passing routes that will double your passing success overnight (the other guy will scratching his head and wondering changed!)
  • The closely guarded secrets of the “Border Patrol” principle – and how to completely dominate inside position whether you are passing or playing guard.
  • The shoulder pressure secrets that will leave even the strongest guys in your gym wide eyed in desperation (and asking you if you gained a lot of weight).
  • Lockdown, shmockdown… two stunningly brutal ways to beat this annoying stall position… you chill out while cooking the guy on bottom like Anthony Bourdain!
  • See why simply standing up is the best submission defense when inside an opponent’s guard (you just need to do it right or you’ll give them exactly what they want).
  • Thwart even the trickiest x-guard and half guard players with this one easy-to-learn Hooks Beater (I showed the x-guard pass to a bunch of black belts at a training camp last year and they were slapping themselves saying “it can’t be this easy!”)
And When You're Fighting From Your Guard:
  • Discover the “Must Know” 5-step open guard progression to shortcut your game and save months to years of trial and error on the mat.
  • See why the upright guard posture is the cornerstone of a solid “40 plus” guard strategy (even if you like to attack from your back, you’ll learn how to do it on your own terms and save your body tons of abuse…)
  • Learn proven tactics for recovering your guard even when your opponent is controlling your legs – these tips alone can make the difference between the pass that loses you a match or allows you to maintain your guard and submit your opponent!
  • See how the easy-to-implement Assisted Frame and Stayin’ Alive postures can boost your half guard game from passive to dangerous in no time flat!
  • Put the brakes on even the most explosive opponents with this complete threaded spider guard game (this super-effective series could be an entire instructional DVD in and of itself!)
Or How About Developing SMASHING Top Game Pressure and High-Percentage Attacks...
  • Discover the “bait and switch” tactics that let you tighten the screws on an opponent right as he thinks he’s about to escape (get the position you want with a fraction of the effort once you know the right control points.)
  • Cut your learning curve in half with these key “scramble beaters” (these are tactics most instructors never think to teach, and you often learn only with hundreds of hours of trial and error during rolling).
  • Develop an immobilizing top game with my Power Positions strategy (I’ll show you how to achieve – and maintain – dominant positions so that you can focus on attacking rather than defending!)
  • How you can make your top position and your submission attacks one and the same (apply nerve shattering pressure with minimal threat that your opponents can escape, even if you don’t submit them the first time.)
  • Super-sneaky strategies for isolating your opponent’s arms and going for the kill – he won’t even know what’s happening until it’s too late!
  • See how the dreaded “Evil Dead” technique will have you hitting arm triangles even on the young gym rats twice your size!
  • The Low Smash Knee Ride that will transform your status in the school from “Steamrolled” to “Steamroller”!
  • Develop crushing mount maintenance and attacking tactics to control even the most squirrely guys on the mat… and how to use any of their escape attempts against them!
  • See why avoiding the mount and the back in favor of just hanging out in side control is a horrible mistake (and how to give yourself the confidence to make these superior positions part of your “go to” game!)
  • Learn Python-tight back control tactics that will allow you to control and regain the back over and over again even when your opponents have great defense.
  • How to prevent the stack (and avoid getting folded up like an accordion) as your opponent counters your armbar from guard – and finish it every time!
  • Easily apply the “sneak attack” lapel choke that will have your training partners sweating every time you pass to cross-sides!
  • Learn easy methods for finishing the kimura and arm bar from top even when your opponent defends with a “death grip” (no more wasting useless energy or losing position trying to struggle with their arms…!) 
  • And much more...

And Now You Can See Why Professional Instructors Rave About The Course Too... 
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6 Vol. Course Digital Access + Free Bonus Volume + Free Skill Development Accelerator Workshop (normally $177)
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To your BJJ success,
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