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"I got the BJJ Accelerator Blueprint program a week ago, and is like somebody turn on the light.

I love jiu-jitsu, but a frustration I've had during my training is I'm always asking "what am I supposed to focus on?" The positions are different, and there is no way in hell I can remember a technique (with seven steps) from last week, especially during a rolling session. 

It's like each different position is a dark room, and I'm supposed to somehow manage my way in it. This course felt like somebody turned on the light, and now I can see what I'm supposed to focus on in each different room (position), what's the core concept for each position. 

I've done 3 training sessions after I got the course, and I can see a lot of improvement already!"

- Juan Monarrez
The BJJ Accelerator Blueprint 
First Principle Escapes: Mount & Knee Ride Escapes
"Stephen, you know I am one of those people who really learn and improve from instructional videos (I guess I am a visual learner). I have bought some really great ones over the years. 

But, I have noticed that whenever I run into a problem on the mats that I have never encountered before, my go to instructionals to figure out how to counter are your series. 

I think it is because the focus is on fundamentals that, like the laws of Physics (probably BECAUSE they are based on the laws of Physics), apply to any situation, even the ones we haven't thought about yet. It's a pretty cool think to figure out for a bona fide nerd like me – and wanted to share with my thanks."

- Carlos Garcia-Quijano
First Principles Escapes: Headlocks, Side Control, & North/South Escapes
First Principle Escapes:
Mount & Knee Ride Escapes
"I was just reviewing 'The Pillars of Guard Passing" by Stephen Whittier at 40 Plus BJJ and damn... it's almost like cheating.

All, this is a must view for we more aged fossils on of the mats. I've been able to put it to very good use. This conceptual approach:
1) Gives a very solid concept on how to use your body weight to engage someone of higher strength, younger age, and higher skill level.
2) Dramatically increases your mat IQ; it makes you pay attention to your angles, combined with your weight, and heighten your situational awareness.
3) Helps you relax when you roll and avoid burning your high octane fuel that you may need later.

- Brian Oravetz
The Pillars of Jiu-Jitsu: Open Guard Mastery System
The Pillars of Jiu-Jitsu: Guard Passing Course
By FAR this is the most complete BJJ/MMA/Street Takedown set available! If your looking to improve your takedowns via this product and you put the time in, it's almost IMPOSSIBLE not to improve. It's THAT good! 


As always, Mr. Whittier breaks down the 'Complete' Side Control Game. All offense/defense are clearly and systematically put together, so that no-matter where you end up, there are clear and defined routes to the finish. I've never been dissatisfied with ANY of Stephen's products and I've been around Bjj/Mma since it's inception. Genuinely Thankful!

-John Taylor
The Pillars of Jiu-Jitsu: 
Clinch & Takedowns 
The Pillars of Jiu-Jitsu:
Side Control Mastery 
I'm a black belt and this material by Coach Whittier (Pillars Open Guard Mastery) made my guard retention so much better. 
The pummeling of the feet (feet "wing chun") is already frustrating people! I loved this material so much!

-Lyndon V.


Wow, just Wow! I loved watching this set, beneficial to all without exception. Stephen Whittier, a suberb orator and conveyor of position and technique highlighting key areas of common fault and possible improvements, it's unlikely there isn't anyone who couldn't benefit. 

First Principles Submission Defense, Vol 1: Arm Locks 
First Principles Submission Defense, Vol 2: Chokes 
"Stephen Whittier is one of the best MMA and BJJ coaches in the world. Whilst well known for leading the globally renown “BJJ over 40s group” on facebook to help older grapplers remain competitive and avoid injury, I got the opportunity to attend one of his sessions recently where I had travelled 10 hours on a flight from the U.K. to see. 

Stephen showed positions that as bjj black belts many of us were all familiar with. What was so impressive is how he showed less than a handful of concepts that could transform a number of these positions in ways we had never imagined. It’s these “a-ha” moments I travel the world to attain. Thank you Stephen! I can’t recommend him enough."

-Glyn Powditch
The Pillars of Jiu-Jitsu: 
Half Guard Bottom
The Pillars of Jiu-Jitsu: 
Mount Dominance
"I am 44 years old and I have been practicing BJJ since 2008. I am pretty passionate about bjj and I have bought MANY DVDs, books, and instructionals. Your DVD set is one of the best due to the emphasis on principles and concepts vs techniques (though there is plenty of proven technique as well). The DVDs have really changed my approach to training; I am focused much more on routes and general concepts and less on physical attributes. 

This is paying great dividends as I am much more competitive with the young guns at the gym and at tournaments. Thank you for creating a great series for us "senior" players."

-Marcelo Corpuz


"I've trained with some top level guys and i rate Steve as the most technical instructor i have seen, and i have done seminars with Xande Ribeiro, Eddie Bravo, John Will, etc. I would buy anything he puts out.” 

 -James Guy 
40 Plus BJJ Success: the Original Course
The Pillars of Jiu-Jitsu:
Knee on Belly Domination
"For the last couple weeks I've spent a good amount of time watching, taking notes, trying to apply, and back to back watching what has become one of my favorite instructionals. 

It's called Functional Striking by Stephen Whittier, and from the get-go it felt very much akin of my way of thinking and understanding 'arts', within the first few minutes there's a quote along the lines of 'what I'm not interested in is a debate about styles', then he proceeds to break down and explain why x, y, and z styles/competitions have this or that specific variations on stance, movement, etc, overall a reasonable and well presented series with standardised concepts applicable to most forms of striking. Just the stance is a perfect example of uncompromised and versatile application of body mechanics, and that's the mainline topic across all the volumes: well articulated explanation and demonstration of optimal and efficient body mechanics applied to the general concept of combat sports.” 

 -M.A. Leiren

Fundamentals of Functional Striking
BJJ Street Defense Course, Volume 1
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